A full day of shooting and rehearsals

Until you are in the midst of a project like this, it is hard to realize what goes into making a film. Campo Largo is tackling a very challenging process with the production of four films on minimal budgets, collaboration from many, many people, organizations and locations must pull together to realize these four films. In the making of these films, we are creating relationships through the work of our producers, COORPI (Cristiana and Lucia), that we hope to build on in the next two years. It is not an easy process and requires so much problem solving and collaboration and team energy. It is very easy to post beautiful pictures on Facebook--mostly because very beautiful things happen on the set and the overall experience of making films is quite magical. I think it is important to also be honest about the difficult side, the challenge of getting permissions for locations, for bringing together a community to make an appearance in a scene, of managing the schedules of 7 dancers who are all busy with life, jobs and many artistic engagements. I have to say that I have found the energy and commitment to this project quite inspiring. The dancers I have encountered here in Torino have an incredible attitude, full of hunger to DO, to BE, to MOVE. It is pure and contagious and beautiful. As we manage to pull together this crazy task of producing four films--with multiple locations and people involved--from concept to premiere in just 10 days, I am amazed at what COORPI has been able to pull together. It speaks to the incredible network of people who are working to make Torino and Piemonte a center for cultural life and energy, especially for the world of dance. I was born here but grew up in the United States: I have also lived in Korea, Taiwan and Italy. There are few places in the world that have truly felt like home but Torino is one of them. Thank you for the welcome, the energy and this project. I would love to know how your sense of "home" has changed over the years or how your travels have influenced your definition of home.